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My Thoughts About Online Video – YouTube and LiveVideo

February 4, 2007

Late in 2006 I kept hearing about an online video site called YouTube. I knew the name, I did not know what it was all about. So, I took the plunge and went to the website. Wow, there was so much stuff to look at and so little time! I was intrigued and hooked at the same time. I wanted to see it all. I created an account and started to watch many different videos.

Shortly after my introduction to YouTube someone on the site mentioned another site called LiveVideo so I checked out their site. Initially this site was more refreshing than YouTube but after being on this site for a month, it is starting to have the same type of content I was running into on YouTube.

I was naive and I am still naive to this whole world. I learned there were “fake” people on these sites. Of course there was a great debate about these people being actors and the counter point of it’s ok for them to be actors but they should tell us and not try and fool us. Hmmm, I guess they were good actors if they were fooling people. So, I found myself watching soap operas online in two to three minute segments. I also learned that the online video world is apparently a new avenue for people to be discovered, kind of an online audition…and I was ok with that. I think some of them are credible, at least to my lackless eye for talent. There are two actresses I enjoy following on LiveVideo. They are Allycat and iowagirl. Both are very real and seem to be very passionate about what they are doing.

The Virtual Magician is entertaining with the video cam magic he does on his cell phone. I have actually gained a new liking for William Shatner on his channel ShatnerVision. I find him entertaining and engaging. There are a few channels that share their knowledge or passions.

I found a bunch of videos about people, mostly teenage girls, that put on some music and see how fast they can shake their “groove thing”. Ok, that really isn’t something I find interesting. There are a ton of videos that have been imported from other sites. I guess I was expecting more original content.

I found video bloggers. So I listened to some of them. Sometimes I think there is a race to see who can put up the most blogs without considering if they are interesting to anyone or not. Several people I watched would pose a question, interesting questions. When people would respond with a differing opinion the video blogger would demonstrate a no tolerance policy for an opposing view. I could not help but ask myself, then why did you pose the question — just so everyone would agree with you? One of these bloggers started out interesting but I guess she learned that if she wore low cut tops and talked about being naked she would get more views. She was right. I stopped watching.

The online video world intrigues me and I am fascinated with all of the different videos on both of these sites. I am also learning there are many other sites like this on the Internet. What a sheltered life I have been living.

So what’s my point? I’m not sure what I am expecting from online video sites. I am not complaining about either of the two online video sites that I have been introduced to, they are what they are. I try to filter through and find the channels that I enjoy which is not usually an easy task.

I don’t feel as though I have anything to say that will revolutionize the world so I post my outdoor life pictures, on my channel, for others to enjoy. There are others who post videos expanding on some knowledge, talent or passion they have. I would like to see more of these types of channels. One woman is sharing her battle against breast cancer. What a way to bring awareness and knowledge to people on a worldwide basis.

Perhaps I am the one that is at the wrong place. I guess I am past the point of watching nonsense and would like to spend my time learning about the aforementioned things. I would be interested in your opinions of the online video world.

Here are my questions —

  • What do you enjoy about online video sites?
  • What do you dislike about online video sites?
  • How do you think online video sites could be used more effectively?

— steve


Blogging and other stuff

February 4, 2007

I have only recently started to get involved in the online video and text blogging world…I cannot believe how addicted I have become to it in such a short amount of time. I really enjoy all of the talented people.

I was able to place a map on my LiveVideo site, that shows the geographic location of people hitting my site. I have over 600 different geographic locations on this map and I am truly amazed that my site has literally been seen world wide. The world is truly becoming a neighborhood.

I’m sure I will find out what my niche is in all of this or whether I have a niche at all. For now, I am sharing wildlife pictures from my trail cameras. I have had many positive comments from these pictures and it makes me happy that people can enjoy some of the thousands of pictures I have been able to enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by and checking me out, I am truly humbled by all of the positive comments and sense of community I have felt.


LiveVideo Integration

February 4, 2007

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about how nice it would be to join a site that had videos, pictures and would support text blogging! Much to my amazement, LiveVideo added that capability recently. It sure makes life easier. Thanks LiveVideo…