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Whitetail Deer – Part 3

February 4, 2007

[livevideo id=910B0927B3914608BA54D3D3862BE4CA]Here is the third slideshow segment from my trail camera pictures from 2006. I will probably have several more segments I put up on my LiveVideo site in the upcoming weeks.

I have also uploaded my favorite trail camera photos on my LiveVideo site. You can view them here

thank you for stopping by…steve


Whitetail Deer – Part 2

February 4, 2007

[livevideo id=2059EB0427B04B59907C31F446393214]This is the second slideshow I posted on LiveVideo. More pictures from my trail cameras. I hope you enjoy them.

– steve

Whitetail Deer – Part 1

February 4, 2007

[livevideo id=4B7C4E3924FD4AC6AC3877E940F66396]See my trail cam pictures at LiveVideo, Be sure to give them a HIT if you enjoy them. While you are at My Channel be sure to check out My Photos for my favorite trail cam photos.

Thank you for checking them out.