Blogging and other stuff

I have only recently started to get involved in the online video and text blogging world…I cannot believe how addicted I have become to it in such a short amount of time. I really enjoy all of the talented people.

I was able to place a map on my LiveVideo site, that shows the geographic location of people hitting my site. I have over 600 different geographic locations on this map and I am truly amazed that my site has literally been seen world wide. The world is truly becoming a neighborhood.

I’m sure I will find out what my niche is in all of this or whether I have a niche at all. For now, I am sharing wildlife pictures from my trail cameras. I have had many positive comments from these pictures and it makes me happy that people can enjoy some of the thousands of pictures I have been able to enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by and checking me out, I am truly humbled by all of the positive comments and sense of community I have felt.


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